Purpose. To further our mission of raising awareness of translations through providing resources for librarians,  we are starting a book review section which will function as a platform for translations published outside of the US. Currently there are very few US outlets that review translations from non-US publishers, so we see this as a much-needed service to make these works visible to US readers. The views presented in the pieces are those of the reviewers, not of GLLI itself.

Inquiries. Please write Global Literature in Libraries Initiative at reviewsglli@gmail.com to suggest books for review. Please include as much information (author, title, publisher, publication date, price, and ISBN) as possible. However, please do not order review copies directly from publishers. If we select a title for review, we will directly request the review copy from the publisher.

Length. Our preference is for reviews in the range of 500 words. Overlong or poorly edited reviews will be returned for revision by the author.

Writing reviews. If you are interested in writing reviews for GLLI, please contact Karen Van Drie, Executive Director, directly at @worldlibraries@yahoo.com for additional details. Also, please note that reviewers will not be paid.