On April 14, 2021, 2020 Prize Chair Annette Y. Goldsmith and 2021 Prize Chair David Jacobson hosted an online presentation as part of the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival at the University of Southern Mississippi. The presentation included video reviews of select titles by committee members, as well as long-form interviews with the authors and translators from the winners of both years.

The entire presentation can be watched here (1hr 33min)

Interview with 2021 winners Vitor Martins (Here the Whole Time), Lucas Rocha (Where We Go From Here), Larissa Helena (translator of both titles), and Orlando dos Reis (editor, Scholastic Press) can be found between timecodes 3:53 – 36:37.

Interview with Cathy Hirano, translator of the 2020 co-winner Beast Player, can be found between timecodes 38:34 – 1:02

Interview with Maria Turtschaninoff (author of the 2020 co-winner Maresi Red Mantle) and Annie Prime (translator) can be found between timecodes 1:04 – 1:32