Since its founding in 2003, Words Without Borders has been the primary online location for a global literary conversation, promoting cultural understanding through the translation, publication, and promotion of the finest contemporary international literature.

  • Every month Words Without Borders publishes eight to twelve new works in English translation in its free online magazine. Issues focus on the literature of a particular region or country, or showcase international perspectives on a particular theme. In 2017, the magazine took readers to Turkey, Bulgaria, France, and Colombia, with many other stops around the globe.
  • Every issue of Words Without Borders remains available online for free, making the website a treasure trove of over 2,400 pieces of literature.
  • We’ve published writing from 133 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, Estonia to Ecuador, and 113 languages as diverse as Catalan, Faroese, Comanche, Hebrew, Uyghur, Romanian, and Urhobo.
  • Our blog, WWB Daily, is updated several days a week with commentary, reviews, interviews, and essays at the forefront of international literature.

Back Issues:

Around the Globe: International YA Writing, December 2014

Nine works of Young Adult writing from nine different languages show some of the exceptional literature being written for teens in Sweden, Georgia, Bangladesh, Mexico, and other countries around the globe.

Within (and Without) These Borders: Writing from the US, November 2017

Writing in Arabic, Spanish, Bengali, Persian, and more, eleven writers expand our sense of literary creativity and life within, and without, the boundaries of the US.

What Unites Us: Turkish Short Stories, October 2017

Six Turkish writers demonstrate the unifying power of literature in the face of political upheaval and divisions. Introduced by National Book Award-finalist Elliot Ackerman.

Knowing the Unknowable: Writing from Madagascar, December 2015

Grounded in oral tradition and steeped in a rich and diverse history, very little writing from Madagascar has been translated into English. Here, nine writers working in Malagasy and French offer readers of English a glimpse at the wealth of literature this island nation has to offer.

On Memory: New Japanese Writing, March 2015

From nationwide disasters to childhood trauma, in tranquil remembrance and merciless flashback, ten contemporary Japanese writers consider the role and the power of national and personal memory.

International Graphic Novels: Volume X, February 2016

In the 10th anniversary graphic novels issue of Words Without Borders, artists from Korea, Israel, Lebanon, and elsewhere pair words and images to explore themes such as immigration, personal identity, and the notion of home.

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Words Without Borders Campus

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Drawing from WWB’s rich archive of contemporary stories, essays, and poems in translation, Words Without Borders Campus connects students and educators to eye-opening contemporary literature from across the globe. On the WWB Campus website, wwb-campus.org, we present this literature alongside multimedia contextual materials, ideas for lessons, and pathways for further exploration. Our goal is to create a virtual learning space without borders, fostering meaningful cross-cultural understandings and inspiring a lifelong interest in international literature. The WWB Campus website currently features literature from Mexico, Egypt, Japan, China, and Russia, with new countries being added each year.