A Boy and a House

  A Boy and a House is a wordless picture book by Maja Kastelic, a Slovenian author/illustrator with a background in painting and fresco restoration. Wordless picture books can travel across borders, and offer readers of all ages the chance to explore each page and create their own stories. The illustrations in A Boy and … Continue reading A Boy and a House

Slovenian Picture Books

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I am currently researching, reading and reviewing picture books from every country in the world. When I am looking for titles from a new destination, I often find a wealth of interesting material about the children’s publishing scene in that country. Most of this information is online and … Continue reading Slovenian Picture Books

Excerpt: Anything Could Happen by Jana Putrle Srdic

Air Cage All children on wheels have gotten helmets, and trenches have been dug around the tracks so we can’t cross them, which destroyed our collective memory of walking on rails. There’s a program, scribbled with yellow chalk on a blackboard: activities in nature. Young sparrows don’t kill themselves when they fall out of a … Continue reading Excerpt: Anything Could Happen by Jana Putrle Srdic