Excerpt: The Greenest Wind by Gesine Schulz

Chapter 1Goodbye, California “No, No, NO!” Lucy screamed, clapping her ears shut.     Her mother pulled Lucy’s hands down and held them tightly.     “Sweetheart, please try to understand,” she said. “It’s the perfect opportunity for me to spend a few weeks with Kurt. He called just a little while ago and I had to … Continue reading Excerpt: The Greenest Wind by Gesine Schulz

#WorldKidLit Wednesday: Ruby Red

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Like YA fantasy filled with fencing, derring-do and a dash of romance?  Historical fiction replete with counts and conspiracies? Urban paranormal novels about time traveling? Then have I got a fabulous novel-in-translation for you… While this may sound like a mashed-up, genre-bending smorgasbord of a book lost in an endless search for identity, Ruby Red is … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday: Ruby Red

Publisher Spotlight: Pushkin Press

Founded in 1997, this London press has helped to bring many talented writers' works into the English language. As a publisher with imprints for children's books and literary debuts, their reach extends across many genres and styles.   Spotlighted Titles: Land of Smoke by Sara Gallardo, translated by Jessica Sequeira Pushkin Press can claim to … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Pushkin Press

#WorldKidLit Wednesday – GLLI Translated YA Book Prize Excerpt: Defying the Nazis

Editor’s Note The following passages from Defying the Nazis illustrate German officer Wilm Hosenfeld’s transformation from an enemy occupier in Poland to a humane and brave rescuer. These sections have been edited, with some bracketed text added for clarity. Excerpts from journal entries, notes, and letters appear in italics. *** There was a stark difference … Continue reading #WorldKidLit Wednesday – GLLI Translated YA Book Prize Excerpt: Defying the Nazis

Excerpt from the new novel Devilspel by Grigory Kanovic

Devilspel by Grigory Kanovich translated by Yisrael Elliot Cohen   Danuta Hadassa   Danuta Hadassa no longer remembered how many years had gone by since she found herself living out in the sticks; she had been on the road for years and had intended to put an end to her life in a roadside inn. … Continue reading Excerpt from the new novel Devilspel by Grigory Kanovic

Publisher Spotlight: Lantana Press

Lantana Publishing is a young, driven publisher with a concrete goal and the know-how to get it done well. Dedicated to providing a platform for BAME authors and illustrators, this publisher delivers consistently excellent quality, as their titles have been nominated for a ridiculous number of awards given their youth and size.   Spotlighted Title: … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Lantana Press

Publisher Spotlight: Graywolf Press

Publisher Spotlight: Gray Wolf Press Founded in 1974, Gray Wolf Press has been showcasing some of the best non-fiction and fiction around for decades. Throughout their comparatively lengthy time as a non-profit publisher they’ve delved into a variety of literature, including some absolutely delectable translations. Spotlighted Titles: Airmail: The Letters of Robert Bly and Tomas … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Graywolf Press

GLLI Translated YA Book Prize Shortlist: Defying the Nazis: The Life of German Officer Wilm Hosenfeld by Hermann Vinke (Germany)

Initially an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler, Wilm Hosenfeld became aware of the Third Reich's relentless brutality against the Poles and Jews when he was stationed in Poland. Witnessing the Nazis' inhumanity changed Hosenfeld from an enemy occupier to a rescuer. Hosenfeld's heroic efforts to save Polish citizens was mostly unknown until a scene in … Continue reading GLLI Translated YA Book Prize Shortlist: Defying the Nazis: The Life of German Officer Wilm Hosenfeld by Hermann Vinke (Germany)

Publisher Spotlight: Soho Press

Soho Press is an independent book publisher in Manhattan’s Union Square. Since 1986 Soho has published across a number of genres—crime fiction, young adult, and literary fiction. Within these, there are a number of translated titles, in particular the Irene Huss series by Helene Tursten. With over an average of 90 books published year by … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Soho Press

Publisher Spotlight: Autumn Hill Books

A small, independent press based in the Midwest, Autumn Hill Books isn’t just a non-profit press—it’s also one of the most ardent supporters of world translation around. Since 2005 they have published over twenty books in translation from all over the world, including countries like Korea, Japan, Croatia, Greece, Uzbekistan, and Israel. Spotlighted Titles: Gold, … Continue reading Publisher Spotlight: Autumn Hill Books